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  1. Sorry

    Hello lovies!! Its been a few days since I posted but I been so terribly busy with Kai, but I hope to soon post a blog on what was going on the past few days. Thank you for your understanding.

    Adieu fellow Hoomans.

  2. Happy birdie; Day 2 [05/08/17]

    Hello lovies!! Today was the first day Kai was by herself at home while I attended school. I made sure she had fresh food, water, fruits, veggies and other necessities she would need while I was not home. Least I could say, she did great!! I came home and she saw me at the doorway and started squawking like a madbird. She seemed in a better mood today and even stepped up on my hand. I let her out of her cage for about an hour and taught her how to forage. I pretty much covered a nutriberry with ...
  3. Little miss grumpy; Day 1 [05/07/17]

    Kai is being a little bit grumpy after I changed her breakfast and put in her lunch. She refused to step up after she was done eating so she could spend some time outside the cage. She probably didn't like her lunch witch was made up of mostly vegetables. Or probably the weather. Its been so gloomy today for a Sunday. Or worst thing, I pushed her limit a tad bit too far. But I'm kinda worried about her not being outside the cage as she been eating all day and/or I ruined our bonding . ...

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    Kai's first days/weeks/months
  4. Kai's new home!! Day 1 [05/07/17]

    Hi there!! Welcome to my new blog. I'm planning to record Kai's first few days/weeks/months with us. So here goes.

    Kai, as most of you know had arrived yesterday. I know, I know. Today should be day 2 in her new home but I'm considering today day 1. Soooo, she is settling very well in her temporary cage. She is already playing with her toys and exploring the cage. She seems to be very comfortable with me as she is taking food out of my hand. I soon found out she like ...

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    Kai's first days/weeks/months
  5. Our fids

    by , 02-23-2016 at 12:33 PM (My Feathered Friends by Wingman)
    As many of you know we lost Candy not to long ago, but it is just part of being a bird owner. It still does hurt but I think it most important to focus on the great memories. I have tried my hand at breeding our Lovebirds with several failed eggs but we now have Boo and Pumpkin our teenagers. It makes it all worth while when they do survive. I guess what I am trying to convey is don't give up persistence pays off.
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