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  1. Have a nice day from Eddie & Sophia

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  2. Happy New Year from Eddie & Sophia

  3. Please Tell me what you think.

    Hi again, Guys. I'm hoping that everyone here is having a wonderful time. In addition, I was wondering if you could tell me whether or not [URL=""]Munchkin Kittens[/URL] get along well with Amazon birds because I'm planning on getting one soon. I'm simply curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for me on that matter. It will be of great assistance.
  4. First Clutch Experience ... Tiki & Kiwi (2)

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    We wanted to give an update regarding our First Clutch Experience.

    Since our last post all of our 5 fertile eggs hatched.

    Baby #1 = Sunni, was hatched on 5/22 [ 14 Days Old ]
    Baby #2 = Cali, was hatched on 5/23 [ 13 Days Old ]
    Baby #3 = Munki, was hatched on 5/25 [ 11 Days Old ]
    Baby #4 = Buddi, was hatched on 5/27 [ 9 Days Old ]
    Baby #5 = Jacki, was hatched on 5/30 [ Dcd 5/31 ]

    Parents ...
  5. First Clutch Experience ... Tiki & Kiwi

    Good Evening All!

    I hope all is well where ever this may reach you. We've recently joined this forum to be connected to Feather Parents alike. We are Feather Parents from Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles. We have a 4 yr old GCC female named Tiki & a 1 yr old CC male named Kiwi.

    The middle of April 2018 Tiki had her first ever clutch with no success or fertility. Two of the eggs were deflated and 2 were fine. After some research and videos we realized they were ...
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