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  1. blog entry 3 from The Duswalt Foundation

    Sorry everyone for the lack of posts! We were very busy getting ready for today.. Today was an adoption/ yard sale day for us and we made out great!!!

    The day started early with setting up everything, That was all done by about 8 A.M. which was starting time. Through out the day we had a lot of birds outside enjoying the sun and great weather. One of the many was rugie the rescued salmon crested cockatoo that has had a rough past. He looked just sitting and soaking it all in! Not ...
  2. blog entry 2 from The Duswalt Foundation

    Today was a mild day in my world, My day consisted of work, working out and the birds. I am huge on obtaining a very healthy lifestyle whether mental or physical. Now onto the more important part of my day... the BIRDS!!

    Today was really just a normal day with the rescues and my guys. We had a volunteer over and offered some help cleaning and such and did an amazing job. The volunteer met one of the two new greys and seen how a bird that has never been handled acts.. especially a grey ...

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  3. The blog of- The Duswalt Foundation Exotic Bird Rescue

    The Duswalt Foundations Blog!

    So I have said about doing this for awhile... A blog about the rescue and my personal birds and day ins and outs. I would like to introduce the rescue and myself. The rescue is The Duswalt Foundation Exotic Bird Rescue we are a non- profit, no kill rescue that is all about the rescuing, conservation, and education of domesticated parrots.

    My name is Justin I am an Avian and animal lover, My true passion is working with animals and it is what ...
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