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  1. Kai's new home!! Day 1 [05/07/17]

    Hi there!! Welcome to my new blog. I'm planning to record Kai's first few days/weeks/months with us. So here goes.

    Kai, as most of you know had arrived yesterday. I know, I know. Today should be day 2 in her new home but I'm considering today day 1. Soooo, she is settling very well in her temporary cage. She is already playing with her toys and exploring the cage. She seems to be very comfortable with me as she is taking food out of my hand. I soon found out she like ...

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    Kai's first days/weeks/months
  2. Our fids

    by , 02-23-2016 at 12:33 PM (My Feathered Friends by Wingman)
    As many of you know we lost Candy not to long ago, but it is just part of being a bird owner. It still does hurt but I think it most important to focus on the great memories. I have tried my hand at breeding our Lovebirds with several failed eggs but we now have Boo and Pumpkin our teenagers. It makes it all worth while when they do survive. I guess what I am trying to convey is don't give up persistence pays off.
  3. Death of my loving cockatiell Lee

    I lost my cockatiel Lee on June 13 of this year, she was killed by our dog that we had bought a month before. I miss my baby so much, I loved her and I know she loved me too. I joined this forum to talk to people that understand what losing your pet bird is like, no one else understands why I am so upset about losing her, its been two months and I still cry over her death almost everyday. How do I feel better, it hurts so much
  4. The Duswalt Foundation Exotic Bird Rescue Blog!

    It has been very busy here at the rescue. With the holiday seasons life is busier for everyone and some things seem to get left behind.

    Very soon one of our heart touching stories of Rugie a Salmon Crested Cockatoo will be posted in our local newspaper as pet of the day. I am hoping rugie can find a loving and accepting home from being featured in the article.

    Tomorrow two Indian Ringneck parakeets will be going home to a very nice young lady that will cherish these guys ...
  5. plax blog (8/30/14)

    Parrots! I absolutely adore them!!!
    For me, parrots are the ultimate companions. They are by far my favorite creatures on the planet. They are breathtakingly beautiful to observe, with their strikingly colorful plumage patterns. Even beyond that, each of these feathered marvels boasts forth with his or her uniquely exuberant personality. They are such unique individuals... and they are so very fun to be around!

    Parrots are also known for their capacity to demonstrate plenty of ...
    Birds & Friends
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