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Thread: Moses Lost Best friend and Now has Polyuria

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    Moses Lost Best friend and Now has Polyuria

    Hello, My poor guy Moses. He misses his buddy who passed on Oct 13th from cancer
    Now for the past few days he has POLYURIA i noticed him drinking quite often and then of course peeing often. Never saw him do that
    Research says Parrots are not usually observed drinking because there is usually enough water in their fruits and vegetables.
    Our vet said it appear Moses has liver disease but she cannot see him for 3 to 4 weeks appointment January 14,2023.
    I believe I need to take Moses in for blood tests and check up NOW.
    Does anyone have experience with Polyuria?
    Please advise
    Thank you and God Bless
    Larry azflcowboy
    Vet who cannot see him for 3 weeks, said to put him on pellets with only 15% fruits and vegetables.....hmmmm he has always been on 75% fruits and vegetables and 25 % Tops pellets any advice? thank you

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    I don’t have any experience or much knowledge about polyuria. Is there another vet or an emergency vet you can access? If not, try looking for online vet support. Sometimes there is no cost support available to at least point you in the direction of another vet. Is your vet able to give you an emergency vet referral? She doesn’t sound too worried if she feels that Moses will be okay until January.

    As for the pellets, the vet may be trying to reduce the amount of liquid intake. Does Moses have a preference for certain foods? For example, Willy loves his fruit and would only eat fruit if he could. I chop up the greens and broccoli florets finely and ensure the fruit has a generous sprinkling over it to prevent selective eating.

    Hopefully, you are able to find a vet to see Moses soon. You must be worried.

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    Hello and Thank you so much for your reply to my post.

    I was thinking maybe his grieving caused the polyuria

    My avian vet is not available for the next 3 weeks.

    I contacted the University of Florida Hospital and Animal Clinic in Gainesville and they gave me advice and a contact with an avian vet in 3 days.

    They stated it did not appear to be an emergency (and they really take emergency cases) and could wait for 3 days.

    I believe they felt since he is eating normally and still active as he does wish to be with me and he does play with his toys as well.

    So again thank you so much

    Stay well and God Bless

    Larry azflcowboy

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