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Thread: help building cage

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    Question help building cage

    Hello, I am a senior in college and I am doing my thesis on birdcages. I am looking into the cages and environments people have for their feathered friends. I believe it is very important to have a proper setup for birds to thrive and Iím hoping to gather information that will go to aiding new bird keepers. I have wanted to build my own cage for a while and now in my senior year of college I am determined to create an environment that best fits bird owners AND their birds. In order to do this I'm interviewing to learn about people and their bird's needs! If anyone here would be open to talking about their experiences and expertise I would greatly appreciate talking with you.
    I am new to this site, please let me know if i need to reformat or post in a different forum. Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum! I have different kinds of parrots and the thing to remember, the bigger the bird, the bigger the cage should be. As well, I will buy the biggest cage suitable and possible for my birds. So, my canaries had flight cages instead of small cages. Unless your bird has significant out of cage time, they need lots of room to climb, explore and fly. If I could, I would have cages made of stainless steel or aluminum. I constantly am checking my powder-coated cages for paint chipping. I have one bird who chewed off the paint on one side of his cage. I bought him an aluminum cage, which is also easier to move.
    You might also connect with a good pet store who could assist with info on cages, as they would order from different sources. Good luck on your thesis.

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    Hello to anyone who has viewed my question! I have compiled my specific questions here;
    I greatly apricate anyone who takes the time to look them over and give responses. I have been doing some research on cages and plan on talking to a few vets to get some details, however, general feedback from any people who have experience with birds is helpful. Thank you!

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    What aspects of birdcage construction and design are you particularly interested in exploring for your thesis?

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