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    Hello all thank you for letting me join your form my name is Ron I live in the Maryland PA area I am a retired male and I am looking to adopt or buy a parrot now that I have time to spend with one I have had birds from childhood up if anyone has any suggestions please contact me thank you again for letting me join. Any suggestions on a new parrot for me is appreciated. I am thinking about the Quakers or a Conure. Open to any suggestions. Thanks.
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    Willy-Eclectus, Oliver-alexandrine, Mookie-Senegal, Bella- Australian King, Joey and Peewee- Barrabands, Peachiegirl-Peachfront conure, Pepper- crimson belly conure, Peanut-plum head, Babyblue-parrotlette, Harry and Louie-canaries.
    Welcome to the forum! It’s good to do some research to see which bird would be a good fit for you. If you have a parrot shelter close to you, that would give you a chance to maybe see one of your picks up close and ask some questions. I am partial to conures as I have two of them. Green cheeks and Crimson bellied conures tend to be quieter than their counterparts such as Sun conures.
    I am sure you will enjoy your journey into the parrot world.

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