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Thread: I'm looking into getting a bird?

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    I'm looking into getting a bird?

    I've been thinking about getting a bird from PetCo as it's been really hard to find any means of adopting the kind of bird I'd like (Conure, or parakeet/budgie) near where I'm moving to. The problem is that from all of my research (which is very little as not many people seem to talk about it), they might be getting their birds from bird mills, which is just an awful thing. I'm still really worried about getting any birds from there as I don't want to support that kind of thing, but I also know that they'll just be stuck there suffering otherwise, and they'd be much, much safer and happier at home with me. Any advice or help would be appreciated. :(
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    Welcome to the forum. Thank you for being concerned about the pet store source of birds.
    Have you checked to see if there are any parrot rescues near you? Bird clubs will also have access to breeders. If you are unable to find a bird to adopt, I would consider getting one from the pet store. As much as you don’t want to encourage their practice of possible bird mills etc., you will still be giving a bird a home that needs one. Good luck in your search.

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