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Thread: Molly, Eastern Rosella

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    Molly, Eastern Rosella

    Here is Molly, my Eastern Rosella. I adopted Molly when her previous owner had no desire to even have her in her home. Molly is a very old girl and is her twenties. You can see the age her face and you will notice the lack of feathers around her eyes... My nanday was old when he passed and he had the same characteristics.

    Molly is a very shy girl. Doesn't like to be handled but does step up for bedtime or if I need to remove her from a place she shouldn't be. They say the rosella's can be nasty birds but Molly doesnt' really bother the rest of my flock. If cornered, she will become aggressive but overall, most often, you'd never know she was here. She loves it when I whistle to her. Talking and whistling to her is about all the interaction I get from her but like the rest....she is happy and that is all I can ask for.
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    She's beautiful.

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    Very pretty!

    My vet has a 100 year old amazon and her face is the same way.

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    Hi OP, I just noticed your Rosella post. It's an old post and I'm not sure if you're even still around but I had just seen one of these types of birds for sale in a pet store here, a Crimson Rosella.

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