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Thread: Who has a JennAir electric range?

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    Who has a JennAir electric range?

    It has been a l-o-n-g time since posting here but I am turning over every stone to find info.

    I am shopping for a new (electric) oven and am looking at the JennAir JIS1420DS induction range. I was directed to check out something that was written on a forum and learned of 2 other things to check for. I was aware of the PTFE and PFOA’s being deadly but not the following. “PFCs=Perfluorinated compounds, PFAS= polyfluoroalkyl substances and Teflon...anything with "fluoro" in it..."

    I again called JennAir as they already confirmed there were no PTFE’s, PFOA’s or formaldehyde in the oven but this is the response for these PFC and PFAS: After researching the potential for PFE's and PFAS's, the MSDS sheets that are available to us only have a breakdown of specific parts and not an overall listing for the appliance. So what do they mean by ‘Overall listing for the appliance’? Doesn’t all those parts make up a ‘whole’ oven? I responded to that email with that question and received this response: We apologize for the confusion over MSDS sheets. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for separate, chemically-based products such as touch-up paint, Affresh cleaners, gear case oil, etc. Therefore, MSDS sheets are only available for those specific parts, not the overall appliance.

    Are there any bird owners that have a JennAir electric oven and birds? I don’t have to do an induction one, but it has to be electric. Any chemists out here that can educate me if this over all would be safe as I do believe it is safe to say about it not having gear case oil LOL. This brand does not have that self-cleaning mode but rather they do it differently using water. It does not burn it off as well as the self-cleaning models do, but is safe for the birds. Knowing the importance of that initial burn-off, I have a couple of plans I can put in place as no dealer in the area has 220 service in the warehouse to do it for me.

    Call me paranoid if you want, that is ok with me, I just don’t want to find out the hard way that replacing a real crappy oven killed them. If I have to stick with this oven rather than replacing it, I can do that and just continue never using the oven portion of it, just the top burners, as I do have 2 microwave/convection ovens at least.

    As a side note, I did send an email to Jamie, the president of AFA, asking if this question could be posted somewhere/somehow before the Convention but never heard anything or even an acknowledgement to the email saying yes, they could or no, they could not. My respect for the organization went down another notch as I was a member in the past and then realized I had not received a reminder to renew. At the local bird club meeting, one of the members had brought along a friend that was also in AFA who immediately called someone who could take the info and payment and I was good for another year. Guess what happened when that year was up? Yep, and I just have never contacted them again to see if they wanted any more money from me, LOL. Now I just make donations to The Parrot Posse who uses that $$$ and send supplies directly to birds in rescues or in emergency situations where legal authorities have stepped in such as the local animal control but are not experienced with birds and not prepared to deal with them so cages and food and toys and perches are sent emergently.

    So who has bought an electric oven in the last few years and what brand?

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    I don’t own a JennAir and I have the luxury of being able to close the door to the bird room. I am not too trusting when it comes to accepting info from someone who is trying to sell me something. I do the combo countertop convection oven and induction cooktops. Good luck in your search and I would be interested in what you find out/settle on.

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    That is why I am trying to dig up any info from bird people and if others have experience with this brand or even others that are safe for the birds as this house is an open floor plan and the birds are there in the same area with no doors in-between.

    There was a GE oven that I liked and when I wrote to GE asking them to give me a plain yes/no straight answer if it had PTFE/PTOA they still gave me the song and dance around it even after my 3rd email. Same when I asked a company about a toaster oven. Didn't think and I sure don't care if it was 'proprietary' information, I just need to know if it would kill my birds or not, plain and simple. Took a pass on that toaster oven too.

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