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Thread: Cooing noises like a pigeon

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    Cooing noises like a pigeon

    I couldnít find this anywhere online so I wanted to put my experience out there just in case someone else goes through the same thing. On 8/24/21 I took my black capped and green cheek conures for their annuals and nail trims and my black capped gets her beak trimmed. My black capped, Wall-E, is special needs. She is missing most of her top beak. So I tend to worry more about her because Iím sure having her beak trimmed every 4 weeks is traumatic. Anyway after the vet visit, yea we go to an avian vet, I noticed she was making this cooing noise when she was flying. It sounded like pigeons do when they take off. She did it every time she flew. On 8/25/21 it wasnít any better and she kept doing it. We couldnít see anything physically wrong with her and the vet said everything looked good the day prior. I was thinking maybe they accidentally hurt her when trying to trim her beak or her nails but like I said she looked fine except when she was flying. She wasnít flying low, wings looked normal. So this morning 8/26/21 she was still doing it so I told my husband I was calling the vet as soon as they opened. We had her fly a few times to make sure she was still making the noises. It just so happens the last time we had her fly a flight feather fell out. As soon as that feather fell she stopped making the noise. It must haven been the feather hurting her. My guess is that it got twisted or stuck under other feathers. She has flown a lot since it fell out and absolutely no cooing sound. We probably would have found it sooner if she would allow us to check her out but she is very aggressive unless she is the one initiating the contact. We leave that kind of thing to the professionals so we donít hurt her. Hopefully this will help someone else or at least give them the idea to check their birdís wings if they start making cooing sounds when flying.

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    Good advice. I know my birds get a little more grumpy and squawky when they are molting and it’s usually because of their pinnies and feathers that are ready to fall out.

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