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Thread: 6 week old Conure crying all day; ear piercing cry

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    6 week old Conure crying all day; ear piercing cry

    Hi! My name is Alexis, I am weaning a baby sun conure. I got him at 3 weeks old and he is not going on 6 weeks. I am inexperienced with hand feeding. However, I have had constant, daily guidance from a highly experienced breeder and I have also done extensive research. I would just like some second opinions about hand feeding and sour crop. My baby has never developed sour crop, I am very careful. But he cries a lot and very loudly and bobs his head like he is hungry. His cries get louder and more demanding or aggressive. I make sure when I feed him his crop is full with a bit of room to digest but not so much where he is still hungry. I also only feed him when his crop is completely empty (as I have been instructed). His food measurements are exactly as the breeder has instructed me to feed, his food temp is between 100-106 degrees and I always serve it at 104 or 105. And his brooder is at a steady 86 degree temp. I would like to know if his crop really has to be COMPLETELY empty before feeding again? Iím feeding every 5 hours now but in these last few days his crop is not completely empty by the next feeding. Itís not very full but there is just a little bit of food in there. I read that some breeders donít wait until itís completely empty before feeding again and that itís normal for a small amount of food to be in the crop at feeding time just as long as their crop empties every 24 hours/once a day. His crop is always completely empty in the morning. But during the day, my poor baby cries his lungs out for food and I want to feed him but he still has a little bit of food in his crop. I donít want to put more food in on top of old food and risk sour crop. Can someone provide suggestions? How can I help my bird? He is very healthy and growing each day. He shows no signs of illness and he is otherwise a happy, healthy, and playful bird. His cries just worry me and it makes me want to feed him when Iíve been instructed by my breeder not to. When I tell the breeder that heís crying EXTREMELY loud till my ears ring, she says itís normal and when I told her that his crop isnít completely empty in 5 hours, she told me to make his food thinner but it only made the crying worse. Then she told me to give him Pedialyte and she walked me thru the measurements and how to feed it to him but my poor baby went to bed with only Pedialyte. Today he started crying for food exactly 5 hours from his last feeding and I fed him even though he had a very small amount of food in his crop and after feeding him, the ear piercing cries stopped for the rest of the day! I went against the breeders instructions and he seemed much happier! Can someone tell me if it is okay to feed him with a bit of food in his crop as long as it empties every 24 hours?

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    If your bird is 6 weeks, start seeing if he will eat some tiny bits of chopped vegetables and fruit. Leave a small flat dish with it and remove/ change it after an hour or two. It should start slowly weaning off the formula and eating solid foods. You can also add a small dish of small pellets. At 6 weeks, it could start spending time in a small cage and getting it used to being out of the brooder. Your bird needs to move slowly from handfeeding to weaning, it’s starting to grow up.
    By the way, welcome to the forum!

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