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Thread: Weaning 5 week baby Conure

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    Weaning 5 week baby Conure

    Hi! My name is Alexis, I am weaning a baby sun conure. I got him at 3 weeks old and I am inexperienced with hand feeding. However, I have had constant, daily guidance from a highly experienced breeder and I have also done extensive research. I would just like some second opinions about sour crop. My baby has never developed sour crop as I am very careful. But he cries a lot and very loudly and bobs his head like he is hungry. His cries get louder and more demanding or aggressive. I make sure when I feed him his crop is full with a bit of room to digest but not so much where he is still hungry. I also only feed him when his crop is completely empty (as I have been instructed). I would like to know if his crop really has to be COMPLETELY empty before feeding again? My poor baby cries for food and I want to feed him but he still has food in his crop. I donít want to put more food in on top of old food and risk sour crop. Can someone provide suggestions? How can I help my bird? He is very healthy and growing each day. His cries just worry me and it makes me want to feed him when I know I shouldnít (I donít give in).
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    Because you are inexperienced, I would get it to an avian vet for an examination. There are so many things that can go wrong with handfeeding and it would be better to get a professional opinion. If you are not able to do this, what about seeing if the experienced breeder could look at your bird and assist with the handfeeding?
    I am sorry you and the poor bird are going through this and hope you will be able to find some direct assistance.

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