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Thread: Does my Bourke need to see a vet?

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    Does my Bourke need to see a vet?

    Long story short: I've seen the vet 2 times within the past 2 months and each time he says he's healthy, lungs are clear, x-ray is clear. Somebody on Facebook mentioned I should get his poop checked or something and another mentioned air sac mites??

    Vet says he's probably shivering/shaking due to stress. He's 1 1/2 year old Bourke Male. He lives with a 5 month old female Bourke, and 2 regular parakeets. Everyone is let out of their cages to roam the house as they please. He interacts with my family and I, he doesn't always shiver. It's not cold in the house and it's not hot. He eats seed, pellets, millet, and he's been drinking water.

    Should I see a different vet to evaluate him?

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    Is your vet an avian vet?
    Does your bird shiver in certain places or at certain times? Is it possible he needs or wants less birds with him in the cage?
    If you feel that you need a second opinion, then you should take your bird to a different vet. You know your bird best. Let us know what happens.

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