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Thread: Parrots removed from UK zoo after teaching each other to swear

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    Parrots removed from UK zoo after teaching each other to swear

    A group of great African parrots *who were quarantined together at a wildlife park in Lincolnshire UK tied each other how to swear according to a report from the independent the 5 birds arrived at Lincolnshire wildlife park in August and share the same room the park's chief executive Steve Nichols told reporters the foul language made staff onsite laugh and encourage the birds to keep going with their 90 words Nichols told Lincolnshire live the parents then started to equate swear words with laughter and would start laughing at their own obscenities it's not uncommon for parents to learn swear words and be encouraged to continue it.

    When they see people enjoy their vulgar comedy but when you get 4 or 5 together that have learned the swearing in....
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    Yes...I saw this story as well. I have one bird who regularly swears. However, the rest of my birds have not picked up on his potty mouth, thank goodness.

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