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Thread: 1 or 2 Budgies

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    1 or 2 Budgies


    I'm looking into getting a hand fed English budgie. I'm torn between getting one or two? I've read that they are easier to tame if you get one first and wait to get the second. My concern is if I do that, the two might not get along as well as if I buy the two together. But if I buy the two together, they might not be looking to bond with me since they are already attached to each other?

    Any advice is much appreciated, thank you.

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    You could get two budgies and take one budgie at a time, out of the room to train. Some people use their bathroom, because it’s small, to train. If you do this a couple of times a day, you may be able to develop a relationship with each of them.

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    Thank you for the advice!

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