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Thread: What about peanuts?

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    What about peanuts?


    A photographer I follow recently mentioned that she puts out peanuts, both shelled and unshelled, for the wild birds she feeds.

    That struck me as a great idea (never thought of it before) but of course, what is ok for wild birds in general may not be ok for parrots in particular.

    What do people think? I did a search but just found a lot of parrots named Peanut
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    I put out shelled peanuts for the blue jays. There has been concerns around peanuts in the shell due to possible mould. This has the potential for birds to get aspergillosis, affecting their lungs. There are even concerns regarding giving peanuts in the shell to chipmunks and squirrels. I am finding roasted peanuts in the shell in the store. I don’t know if roasting them would make a difference.
    My parrots are never given peanuts. I usually give them a piece of walnut instead.

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    You should actually feed them peanuts.They have fat which has many health advantages.

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    While peanuts indeed provide fats beneficial for birds, including parrots, it's crucial to consider potential risks associated with peanuts in the shell, such as mold growth leading to aspergillosis. Opting for shelled peanuts or other alternatives like walnuts might be safer for your feathered friends.

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