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    About 2 weeks ago I got a 8 month old Quaker parrot. For the first few days he was very quite and the more he got used to me the more vocal he got. When we are alone he is relatively quite. He "sings" in the morning until I wake up and if I leave him alone for to long he starts screaming but the thing that kind of brothers me is that whenever someone comes into my room and starts talking to me he would start screaming as loud as possible until they stop talking sometimes even if he hears someone talking to me outside of my room he would start screaming. He does this thing with songs to it's like he is trying to be louder then the song or the person talking and I don't understand why or how to stop this behaviour.

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    Sounds like he may be using the screaming to get your attention. Quakers like to make nests. Does he have some shredded paper, small sticks etc that he could use if he wants to try and build a nest. Search the internet for Quaker nest building. They are amazing.
    Make sure he has lots of toys in his cage to keep him occupied. Swap them out daily so he stays interested.

    Birds will scream if they are bored and they expect their flockmate (you) to pay attention to them.
    If he screams when you are out of the room, try whistling to him. He may learn to whistle back.

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