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Thread: hand feeding info...

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    one 5 week old half moon conure

    hand feeding info...

    I know this has probably been asked before, but what age is good, to wean them from hand feeding, and exactly how do I go about doing it, and what do I need food wise...?? do conures eat chop like other larger parrots, and do you feed kibble and what kind is suggested...

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    Did you get your bird from a breeder? They would have the best advice for you. Your bird looks old enough to try some finely chopped food along with the handfeeding. Leave a little flat dish so it can try/taste different foods. Add pellets a few days later. The bird will start to take less of the handfeeding formula when it starts eating the chop and pellets. Zupreem Fruitblend cockatiel pellets is a fairly decent starter pellet. Don’t forget to have a little dish of water as well. Again, you should ideally contact a breeder or vet for the best advice. I am just giving you some general guidelines.
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