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Thread: Is there such a thing as too many peas?

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    A wild-type female cockatiel named Gracie

    Is there such a thing as too many peas?

    As most of you know, Gracie is very much a rollercoaster ride when it comes to vegetables. There are days she will clean out her bowl with no issues, absolutely loving them and days (most days) where she seems offended that I've even offered them to her. She does like sweet potato consistently, but we don't tend to have it on hand a lot.

    We've noticed she never fails to eat her peas now, though! She actually adores them. But how many peas are too many peas? Is that a vegetable that should be limited or is there no harm in lots of peas in the diet?

    Weirdly specific, I know, but just wondering lol. I'll take what I can get when it comes to her consuming vegetables on a regular basis.

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    I am a believer that moderation is the key. My birds love corn, however, sodium and sugar levels are a concern so they get a limited amount. Maybe you can use the peas to train
    My birds love their strawberries and papaya. I chop them up and mix them with finely chopped broccoli. This way they get their daily broccoli because it sticks to the fruit. Maybe you could cook and mash a vegetable she doesn’t want and mix some peas in it to see if she will eat them.

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    Casper, a blue fronted Amazon. Loves banana. Hates plastic bags and red coats.
    Casper loves peas as well, he splits the pod along its length and extracts the peas one at a time, spitting out the husk when he has eaten all the sweet fruit (veg) inside.
    He knew to do this by instinct which I found surprising as there are no peas in the Amazon rain forest as far as I know

    I think they are quite high in sugar content so maybe restrict access if Gracie starts getting a bit chubby.
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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