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Thread: How many is too many?

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    How many is too many?

    I've been thinking for a while about what to put as my first real post on here and I decided to go with a question I've been wanting to ask fellow bird owners for a long time. In your opinion how many birds is too many birds?

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    Rule 1: Having many birds is fine as long as you have a documented and pre-funded plan of action so that others can come in and take over in case you have an accident or illness. Hopefully the 'others' are aware of, and agree to being part of your plans.
    There are too many stories of large quantities of caged birds causing huge problems for authorities. Meaning well is not enough.
    It also depends on your motivation, collecting birds for your own gratification is not a good thing, they should be living a life of freedom. Taking birds into your guardianship when they have nowhere to go because of their previous keepers lack of foresight is always commendable as long as rule one above is adhered to.
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    Great question. Totally agree with what has been said so far. Another factor to consider is how much time do you have available to give to each bird. I know that most of my day is spent attending to the physical and emotional needs of my flock and I couldn’t possibly take on another one without taking away from my present birds.

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    Late response, but it may vary by person as well. Grace is more than enough for me, lol. She's independent in her own way but insists on as much out of cage time as you can give and if you're not where she can see you, she's very upset! The only situation in which another bird would make sense for me ATM was if it was another 'tiel she could get more attention from. I'm fine with this, I think she deserves all the attention I can offer.
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