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Thread: Pimp my Cage

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    Sargent the cockatiel

    Pimp my Cage

    Hey, I wasn't sure whether it would be right to put this thread in cages or in accessories but I figured that since the cage is already chosen I'll slam it in here.

    My 6 or so month old cockatiel Sargent and I are still stumbling through things as we go, he still refuses to eat veggies (but we'll get there), and I successfully weaned him last month. He's currently experiencing his first molting and a bit back I decided to get him a new cage, a larger one, so he could stretch his wings more while I'm away. To me it feels empty, and I've been easily overwhelmed when looking at cage accessories and toys for him, or generally ways to enrichen his life within the cage. I take him out as often as I can, but currently he refuses to hang out anywhere if not on me or my keyboard which makes my work somewhat difficult.

    I'm looking to completely renew his experience in the cage, and find a better solution for a lot of the problems that have arisen, such as the cuttlebone that keeps on falling down. And don't worry, it's normally not that messy at the bottom of the cage, the most of it is seeds he shoogles out of the bowl when he decides to get into it to eat

    Do you have any suggestions?

    2019-04-12 10.42.11.jpg2019-04-12 10.42.12.jpg2019-04-12 10.42.13.jpg

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    Great job getting a bigger cage. I think most birds like shredding and foraging. Try looking for toys that have balsa or soft pine in them. Twist some paper over a nut or treat that Sargent likes and when he is sitting with you, open and close it so he sees what is in the paper. He may have to see this a few times to get any interest in it. As for other toys...each of my birds like something different. You may have to try different ones to see where Sargent’s interest lies. Most of mine like mats with attached shredding material.
    One thing I have found is that the ones with all the colourful hard wooden balls don’t seem to appeal to them. They can’t hold the balls with their claws and they can’t get a beak in it either. Sticks work better. Some of mine like popsicle sticks and wooden clothes pins with the spring removed.
    As for food, chopped veggies mixed with chopped fruit might entice him. A strawberry wrapped in a kale leaf etc.

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    Casper, a blue fronted Amazon. Loves banana. Hates plastic bags and red coats.
    Your cage looks quite well sorted to me, there are differing diameters of perches and some interesting toys. They like to sleep near the top of the cage so you could hang a bit of fleece there to cozy up to. Also make sure the sleeping perch is not in a position where birdy can poo in his food dish.
    We buy coloured softwood slats and cuttlefish bones for Casper to shred but that is just his choice, other than that all the expensive stuff we get him is usually ignored because his favourite things are an empty plastic bottle that he chases around the floor and a cardboard box that he disappears into and chews apart from the inside .
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