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Thread: Grace eating vegetables

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    A wild-type female cockatiel named Gracie

    Grace eating vegetables

    Not the best quality images, but Grace chose vegetables over millet this evening. I'm still a little surprised about it, but she ate them again on her own an hour or so later. ((I'm hoping this is a trend.))

    She seemed awfully proud of herself, as well.

    And, an update on how her microgreens went: she's scared of them!! I think it's hilarious. They were easy to grow, although the soil is a bit of a pain to clean off. There are no-soil-required methods I'll have to try. Maybe she has fun throwing them around? Not a problem, regardless.

    Her vegetables today -- which were eaten!! I think it's the sweet potato flavor she's liking. Maybe I'll mix the microgreens in there.

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    Great job with the chop! All of my birds love sweet potato. Gracie is really coming along with eating her fresh food. I am sure she will be chowing down on those micro greens any time now.

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