Hi im new to this forum and do not want to be judged because I know there is a lot of judgment with people rehoming birds because they simply "dont have the time", etc. However that is not the case, I love my sun conure to death and cant even believe I have to think about rehoming him but I have developed a serious medical/allergy issue due to his dust/mites he has on his feathers. I have had him for almost 9 years and after months and months of me not feeling well, I went to the doctor and they told me I have developed a throat dysfunction from being exposed to his allergens. Im 19 years old and this bird has been my childhood pet. I cant imagine my life without him but it is not fair to keep him because I cant cuddle, sleep, be with him as much anymore because of the allergens. I simply cannot give him the love he has gotten in the past and deserves because it flares up my asthma/allergies. If anyone is interested in the phoenix or arizona area please let me know. I only want him to go to a home I know is a good fit. This breaks my heart to do this but it isnt even a choice, i cant keep him with my breathing/throat problems. If you or anyone you know would be interested please respond back, i want what is best for him. Thank you.