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Thread: A new stand for Gracie

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    Willy-Eclectus, Oliver-alexandrine, Mookie-Senegal, Bella- Australian King, Joey and Peewee- Barrabands, Peachiegirl-Peachfront conure, Pepper- crimson belly conure, Peanut-plum head, Babyblue-parrotlette, Harry and Louie-canaries.
    It should be fine. If you want to be sure, use a hair blower to heat treat anything lurking.

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    Casper, a blue fronted Amazon. Loves banana. Hates plastic bags and red coats.
    We get some 'wildlife' crawling around the living room that comes in on the fire wood, they get put back outdoors where they are much happier because it is too warm in the house.
    Casper likes to investigate (when the fire is not lit)
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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