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Thread: New Cage----Worried It May Not Be Right...

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    New Cage----Worried It May Not Be Right...

    I have 2 lovebirds that I've been keeping in a tall, but not really wide or deep cage, bar spacing is 1/2". It's fine for them, but I wanted to get a larger cage.
    I found a really nice used cage that is a bit shorter, but much wider and deeper. The bars are 3/4" apart, so I looked up on That Pet Place what bar spacing is correct for lovebirds. That site said "no more than 3/4", so I bought the cage. Now I see on here and other places that lovebirds should have bars spaced no more than 5/8".
    I'm so upset and worried that I haven't moved my birds into the new cage.
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    No worries after all!😀 Hubby said the bar spacing on the new cage is 5/8".......I never could read a tape measure correctly!😂

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    have you look at Reecoupons?
    I also bought a cage from there and i quite sure you will also find a big cage for your lovebirds.

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    How crucial is the accuracy of bar spacing for lovebirds, and are there specific consequences if it doesn't meet the recommended measurements?

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