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    Newbie joined in

    Hey guys. Just checked in here. Purposely join this forum to learn more about parrots and considering to have one if all the condition meet my lifestyle. Actually I have a cat at home, so actually cat is almost easy to care and not heavy maintenance. Then I decide to have a parrot as a second pet. Due to my lifestyle or got a day job 8 to 5 and only free at the weekend, so maybe less time to be with a new pet. So I need to consider a lot things. Thank you for having me here.

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    Welcome to the the forum! Thank you for taking the time you need to make a decision about getting a parrot. Ask any questions you have and we will try to help you.
    One thing we promote here is that there should not be any co-mingling between predators like cats and prey animals like parrots. We have seen so many accidents resulting in the death of the parrot that we think it’s important to inform as much as we can about the dangers regarding this. Would you be able to keep your cat and the parrot separate? Have you any idea about what kind of parrot you are interested in?

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    Hello and welcome.
    Things to consider when bringing a parrot into a home where you are out all day:

    Are you a morning person? You will have to be up earlier to clean out the cage and prepare your bird's food for the day.
    The cat and the bird will have to be in separate parts of your home whilst you are out.
    Parrots need clean air, so no smoking and consider getting an air purifier. It doesn't need to be an expensive one with all the 'bells and whistles' because you will not be using the ioniser/ultra-violet part. And remember to vacuum the filter once a month.
    Can you leave a radio on whilst you are out to give the bird some company?
    You will need to replace toys regularly so the bird does not get bored.
    If you are thinking about parrotlets or other small birds consider getting a non-breeding pair so they can keep each other company.
    Do you know of an avian vet within easy reach as you are bound to need them sooner or later (and allow for that in your budgeting).
    Have you considered getting a bird from a rescue centre - there are lots of birds that need new loving homes. The people at the rescue centre should also be able to give you good advice and may want to see your home (this is a good thing).
    In the evening when you are trying to type messages, it is more difficult with a parrot sitting on your wrist biting your fingers because it thinks you should be giving it attention
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    Welcome to P.P.

    You are so right, there is much to consider when bringing home a new family member, especially a bird. Time to spend with them is one of the most important things to consider after all there isn't much to do in a cage when your alone all day long.

    The products you use at home when cooking or cleaning, the placing of their cage and many other things are important too. Being a guardian is quite time consuming but it sure pays off when things go right.

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