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Thread: How Much Calcium Do You Give?

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    A wild-type female cockatiel named Gracie

    How Much Calcium Do You Give?

    We forgot to ask the vet how much we should be putting on her food once it's been a while since she laid one. Then again, her first egg in years was problematic, so maybe it's not so relevant. Right now, we put some on once a day. Is that a pretty normal amount even for birds who have not had egg laying issues? Right now (per vet suggestion) she is getting a Tums ground up on her food once a day. I can send them an Email if necessary but thought I'd check in here first.

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    Please check with vet regarding how much and for how long you should give it to her. The vet knows her needs best. My guess would be just that...a guess. You need clarity to prevent future potential issues.

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    A wild-type female cockatiel named Gracie
    Just sent the Email. Thanks.

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    Its so good to hear that little Gracie is making good progress. I hope this is the end of her eggy problems.
    On the subject of calcium, Casper didn't touch his cuttle bone for months but has recently taken to gnawing at it again. I assume this is because he is moulting and needs extra calcium for his new plumage. I won't say he knows what is good for his body as he was trying every trick in the book to get at our fruit brioche this afternoon.
    He had a sugarsnap pea at dinner time and rather than eating the whole thing he carefully opened the pod lengthwise and extracted the peas one at a time, teasing them out of their skins in his beak. Like he does with ordinary peas. He seems to know from instinct how to cope with them. They are the one raw veggy that he actually likes - because they are sweet
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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