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Thread: Lost Cockatiel in Alvin, TX

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    Tuko - Male Cockatiel

    Lost Cockatiel in Alvin, TX

    My son's cockatiel flew through the door tonight when I went to feed the dogs. It was quick, and totally my fault for not checking to see that he was out of the cage.

    His name is Tuko, he's very tame, loves people. He whistles "Addams family" a lot, and loves when you whistle it back to him.

    He is roughly 5 months old, just went through his first molt, so his feathers on his crest and cheek are much more yellow than in this picture.

    I have put his cage outside, left the porch lights on, and filled his bowls with treats. He flew at dusk, so he couldn't have been flying for more than 5 minutes before he would have stopped to sleep, but it was dark enough that we could not follow him with our eyes. We live on acreage so we'll go out at first light and look for him. We have videos of him singing, so we'll play those and hope he at least flock calls to us so we can find him.

    If you see him, or have any helpful tips, please let me know. Our hearts are broken right now.

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    So sorry to hear about this. Put posters up in the area. Check with your neighbours. Definitely get out first thing in the morning and call out to him and leave his cage out. Check with your local animal shelters to see if someone has found and turned in a bird. Wishing you all kinds of luck that you get him back.

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    So sorry to hear this, if there are cats in the neighbourhood please put the cage in a place that is as safe as you can. I probably watched too many cartoons as a child.
    They don't get 'lost' so if he is not coming back he is probably having a good time but the cage with treats in might tempt him back.
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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    Advertisements around town and on Craigslist can help -- I've seen good luck stories on there. Best of luck, may he come home safely.

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