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Thread: My mother is burning sage

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    My mother is burning sage

    For the last few months my mom has been getting into “good energy” types of things and has begun burning sage and incense. Roughly the same time my Crimson Belly Conure, Gem, has begun plucking and the last few weeks I spent at my dads and the plucking stoped. I’ve tried warning her about the potential risks but she has taken very little into consideration and responded with things along the lines of “if you miss one room it will still have negative energy and infect the rest of the house”.
    She doesn’t smudge the sage anywhere and I’ve at least gotten her to burn the incense in the farthest end of the house but she still waves around the sage on a regular basis. She is a huge advocate for health and safety being a nurse but somehow she doesn’t understand how gases and vapors can still be lethal. Her main point on this is how I’ve mentioned most birds have a very weak sense of smell and if she can’t smell the smoke it can’t hurt her but always ignores my response carbon monoxide to humans and countless other odorless glasses kill us.

    I do have depression and Gem is the most valuable thing in my life but my mom just wont listen. I really need advice on what to do or how to convince her to at least leave my room alone.

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    Oh dear! Can you take the bird outdoors whilst your mother is polluting the atmosphere? I am beginning to get a mental picture of how your mother is and why your father is no longer in residence.
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    Hello Thomas...

    Smoke can be dangerous for companion birds in any concentration. Obviously, the nearer to the source of the smoke the bird happens to be, the more risk there will be to the bird's health.

    Avian veterinarians and other parrot experts warn of the dangers entailed in keeping pet birds in environments where smoke is frequently present (such as those where incense or other materials are burned). The statement below from the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital ( serves as an example of the typical warning in this regard.

    CIGARETTES, CIGARS, PIPES, AND OTHER SMOKING SUBSTANCES should never be used in air space shared by birds. Passive inhalation of smoke, including smoke from burning incense, damages the sensitive avian respiratory system, eyes and skin. Nicotine can settle on perches and other cage surfaces and cause the self-mutilation of feet and legs in sensitive birds, especially Amazon parrots. Tobacco smoke is often the cause of feather picking.
    The respiratory system of a bird is more fragile than that of humans and many other animals. Their lungs are rigid (i.e., they don't expand and contract as ours do). The impetus for a bird's in-and-out air movement is provided by its air sacs (separate structures from its lungs). The avian respiratory system can be incredibly sensitive to airborne substances. Please have a look at the image below.

    At the very least, your mother should refrain from burning/smudging anything near the areas your bird frequents.
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    I would also suggest that you give your bird a good shower after your mother uses the incense and sage. Your bird will want to get the smell/smoke off its feathers and it may be the cause of the plucking due to overpreening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casper's 2nd best friend View Post
    Oh dear! Can you take the bird outdoors whilst your mother is polluting the atmosphere? I am beginning to get a mental picture of how your mother is and why your father is no longer in residence.
    ILMAO Good one! :-)
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