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Thread: advice needed on budgies

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    advice needed on budgies

    hi! i am right now hand feeding a 3 week old budgie, I started when the budgie was 1 week old. this is my second time hand feeding a budgie. now I am feeding 5 times a day, is that good? And when should i reduce the amount of time i feed it?
    when the budgie grows up is it necessary to cut the nails of the budgie?

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    Try adding a dish of fresh chopped food and another dish of small pellets daily and let the bird explore these different foods. You could try removing a middle of the day feeding to see if it will try the new foods.
    If you use different perches in the cage, you shouldn’t have to clip them. Round dowel perches are not the best.
    Try sandy perches, branches and concrete perches.

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