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Thread: tabletop play gym for our caique

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    tabletop play gym for our caique

    Looking for a tabletop play stand for our BH caique. Probably maximum base of around 18x14 (approximately). We have looked in local pets stores without any success, and online - but too many conflicting reviews of the ones we saw. Any suggestions?


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    You could try to make your own. A piece of countertop with a hole drilled in the middle. You can buy branches with screws at the end...screw it on the base. Pick a branch that has lateral branches so that it looks like a little tree when attached to the base (countertop). Others have used pvc pipe to create stands.
    As well, check out the forum that has photos of homemade Perch stands.
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    Making your own is very satisfying but not all of us have the tools or ability.
    So, if you want ready made, ignore the best and worst reviews (some people are just impossible to satisfy and others write their reviews before the first day is out so have no idea if the product will last) and also avoid the cheapest and most expensive.
    You should then be averagely happy with your purchase
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