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Thread: Can someone please help me identify this parrot?

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    Can someone please help me identify this parrot?

    Can someone please help me identify this parrot?


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    Looks like a ringneck. Is it in your yard?

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    Duplicate thread, can a mod please merge so that the information is all in one place
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    I know I replied! Since it was to its sister thread, I will again.
    That's definitely an Indian Ringneck. Are you familiar with IRN behavior? No doubt, someone misses it greatly, so please put an ad out, call rescues/sanctuaries, breeders, AVs, etc and diligently search for its owner. Do you have an AV? Whatever you do, do NOT let it come in direct contact with any of your birds! Your best way of capturing it is with a butterfly net... Most breeders or AVs have one if you don't.
    P.S. I, among others, own an IRN and know that their behavior, like any bird, varies drastically between them. They TEND to be easily aggitated and stressed. This one seems not to be wearing a band but could be chipped or tatooed. Only an AV will know for sure.
    Again, I encourage you to find the owner as well as contact your closest AV as well as any local vet. Vets usually know one another and the clientele of each to make the search easier. Also, Melbourne probably has an Audobon Society that can alert local rescues, sanctuaries and protection agencies. Breeders tend to know each other as well as local newspaper associates. Don't forget lost bird ads as well. I know someone that, years after, still places a lost ad!
    This bird should be captured asap! It's not a wild bird. Again, do NOT let it come in direct contact with any of your other birds. It must be quarantined! If you're not familiar with this, an AV will happily guide you and help with testing as well.

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