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Thread: Need help rehoming my mother's parrots in Seattle

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    Need help rehoming my mother's parrots in Seattle

    Hello all. My mother is disabled, having financial difficulties, and can no longer properly care for all 3 of her parrots, and would like to re-home 2 of them. They are a female Cape Parrot named Hanna, and a male Illiger's Macaw named Indy. I believe Hanna is around 8 years old, and Indy is around 5 years old. My mother had a couple who bought a female Solomon Island Eclectus from her a few years ago and really liked Hanna, and wanted to buy her as well if my mom ever parted with her. But she contacted them recently and they, too, are having health issues and no longer want to take in another bird. I saw that my mother was asking $1,800 for Hanna and was throwing her large cage in for free at that price. I don't know how much she wants for Indy, but I suspect it's around the same price and would also come with a large cage.

    She's in Kirkland WA (Seattle suburb). I don't know anything about shipping live birds, so I'd prefer to deal only locally, but realize that may not be realistic given the niche market for parrots.

    I can get photos and more info upon request.

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    Hello and welcome. I am so sorry to hear of your mother's problems. It was in similar circumstances that we came to be Casper's guardians.
    As I am in England I cannot help with the rehoming but I am sure someone more local to you will be along shortly with some useful advice. Veterinary Surgeries may be able to offer information on shelters for the birds if you are not successful in finding loving homes.
    Oh, and if passing the birds to a stranger it is most important that you see the place they are going to live to make sure it is suitable.
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