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Thread: cover cage?

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    Rosie, our Greenwing Macaw (Hatchday 4/1/12)
    Quote Originally Posted by LesliesBabies View Post
    @kendrafitz, your inbox told me it was full, so here's my response:
    Sorry to hear about Rosie's APV. Glad she isn't showing symptoms.

    Glenn's the same. Sherman ventured out of her cage a tiny bit. The conures moved in. Did you know that JoJo got a friend named Tommy?
    ... so gave you an update on all my babies.
    Thanks for replying!!!
    Oh no, Iím sorry. That darn thing is always full. I always forget to delete messages.

    Rosie is as demanding as ever. Itís a good thing she is so cute and has me wrapped around her little claw. She has been spoiled this week bc my kids are away and we have had demo going on here. So she has been with me constantly.

    Sounds like things are going really well with your crew! So happy to hear it.

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    Rosie & Kendra

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    8 quaker parakeets, 4 Indian Ringneck parakeets, 3 lovebirds, 5 cockatiels
    Some birds are covered and some aren't. The only ones that I find require a night light are the cockatiels. Even though the night frights are rare, they still happen the odd time.

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