Genus: Pyrrhura | Species: rupicola

25cm (9.75 in)

70g (2.45 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: P.r. rupicola, P.r. sandiae

Colour Adult:
P.r. rupicola: Both adults black forehead to occiput; green cheeks, ear coverts and line above eye; black hindneck with off white scalloping to feathers; dark brown breast scalloped with off white; lower breast washed with dull yellow; red primary coverts and carpal edge; green tail. Bill black. Bare eye ring grey, eye brown.
P.r. sandiae: Both adults narrower off white scalloping to feathers of neck and breast; on hindneck almost none.

Colour Juvenile:
As in adults but duller; green primary coverts and carpal edge. Cere and bare eye ring white.

Calls made in flight high pitched yapping sounds.