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Thread: Help with training bird

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    So glad you're making progress!! Sometimes though birds just bite. I have a black capped conure and she doesn't allow anyone to give her scratches. She also bites my fingers any chance she gets so I learned to keep them away from her. However she doesn't do that to my husband. He can have her perch on his fingers and kiss her but if I try I get bit. She will sit on my hand, if I tuck my fingers in, my arms, my shoulder, my legs, and my head with no problem though. So even if yours still bites in the end it doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you or you did something wrong. They can be sassy just like us.

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    he now freely lets me scratch his head and asks for it often! I can also tell the way he looks at me is a lot different too
    That is fantastic. You must be thrilled. Way to go!!!
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