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Thread: Aggressive previously abused conure bites constantly?

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    Unhappy Aggressive previously abused conure bites constantly?

    I have a green cheek conure named miricale. they bite when I put my hand near them, they have good days and bad days but I've tried alot and I'm lost. my hands and fingers are constantly bleeding. I've tried blowing at them but then they try to bite my mouth and face. most times they'll hop on my finger after biting. I've tried step up but they bite the perch I offer. I thought it might be me because I have naturally shaking hands, but they do it to my family too not as much as me (I'm around them more). I suspect they were abused because I knew the previous owner who abused or ignored his other pets, they also lived with a grabby child. I'm out of ideas please help.

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    Miricale needs to learn to trust you. It sounds like it has learned that if it bites, it gets a reaction. For now, can Miricale have the freedom to just sit in or on it's cage without you trying to get it to step on your finger? Let Miricale come to you and have a treat handy like a piece of nut or millet so it knows that you will give treats if it comes to you. This may take a few has to unlearn the biting behaviour. Right now, try to avoid a bite. Even if it means not trying to touch it for a while.

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    Hi emb,
    How long have you had Miricale? I agree with Dragonlady2, it's best to sit back and be the observer. Watch her, get to know her likes and dislikes, I wouldn't bother trying to get her on a finger or perch right now. When you approach her cage to feed or give water what does she do, where does she sit while you are near? Know her personal space and try not to invade it. Let her come to you when she's ready.

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