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Thread: Hello I need help with my rescue please

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    I have a rescue Eclectus named Pickles

    Hello I need help with my rescue please

    I've recently adopted a rescue Eclectus, after the first week it was going great untill something spooked him on my hand and he was afraid to come to me again I was told to try and take him to another room alone well he just won't stay on my hand he flew under my bed and had to be forced out. Then when I finally got him out he flew and hit a mirror and fell down a stair and into a door. Oh my gosh I feel horrible and 2 weeks later he's taking treats from me but won't step up. I miss him so much can someone please tell me what I should do? And no he won't be bribed e a treat onto my hand. Please help I miss him

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    I realize this is late but thought this might come in handy sometime.

    Most of my birds over the years have been abused rescues. The first week is the "honeymoon" week then the "fun"

    Previously abused birds generally take longer. You get to untrain them then retrain them. Their experiences with humans have been mostly negative and only they can decide when and if, humans are trustworthy.

    Most training methods you read or hear about are meant for young, hand-raised birds that have had positive experiences with humans. Some rescues may take a year or more! Some only months. The "firsts" mean so much more though
    Usually, I try to quarantine them in room that I can just sit or lie in. I start with a closed cage door then eventually open it to let the bird choose when it's ready to come out.

    Usually, I place treats on the door or opening and put food on both the inside and the outside of the cage. I usually only place a chop/treat bowl and a water bowl outside.

    Thanks for taking a chance and for your patience! The best and most loyal birds ever were rescues!

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