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Thread: Charlie

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    Indian ringneck parrot and a yellow naped amazon
    Thank u so much

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    Glenn, Indian Ringneck; Sherman, White-capped Pionus; JoJo, Budgie; Tommy, Budgie; Sir Lancelot, Yellow-side Greencheek; Daytona, Sun Conure
    PM your address and a working phone number that preferably accepts texts to my nickname. It will probably be the second week of June. It's ~6hrs to BR, so it'll have to be in the afternoon. Again, PM my account.

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    Blue & Gold Macaw "Jack", Military Macaw "Maynard" - RIP, Hyacinth Macaw "Zaffer", Green-wing Macaw "Salsa", Nanday Conure "Bozley"
    zoeybabby77: I have deleted your most recent post to protect your personal privacy. Prior to deleting it, though, I took the liberty to send your contact information to LesliesBabies privately. If you would like to communicate with her privately through this website, you can do so by sending her private messages (PMs). There's a link to the Private Messages screen on the navigation bar above.
    "Please never place your popularity above the safety of a feathered companion!"

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