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Thread: First Fertile Clutch Part 2

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    First Fertile Clutch Part 2

    Hello Everyone ...

    We have another question. We had our First Fertile egg hatch on 5/22. How do we know if the Parents are feeding and taking care of the Babies? Room they are in has a heater and room temp is at 80 degrees. The Mother and Father seem to be very attentive to the Baby. Mother is always in the Nesting Box with Baby and Eggs ... comes out to eat and drink. Father assists in keeping the Mother, Baby and Eggs warm and feeds Mother and Baby. We think all is well but wanted to make sure.

    What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.
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    The crop on the babies should be full if they are getting fed by the parents. If one or more appear to be not getting fed, you may have to intervene and handfeed. It is really important to have someone close by who can assist in helping you understand what is needed when handfeeding.

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