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Thread: i need budgie advice!

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    i need budgie advice!

    hi there!! I made an account on here because i need some help!
    around july of last year, I had gotten my first ever budgie! His name was periwinkle and I absolutely adored him! I had been wanting a bird for a long time and I had done research about them months ahead of time and my parents finally agreed. I got him, and we instantly clicked. The love i had for that little boy was overwhelming. But after about a month, one day he stopped singing. He was a very vocal boy, so i was concerned. I opebed his cage and he cuddled up to me, sleeping. I figured he was okay and was just tired, and continued with school. He stopped moving and he passed very shortly after. I was so devastated, and I went to the breeder i got him from and he felt so bad he let me get anotehr budgie. I wasnt ready to, but my parents kinda..pushed it onto me? I just picked and random one and called it a day. I went home and just..cried. I went into a pretty bad depressive stage and I didnt bond immediately with my new budgie, sky. For a month or two i hadnt really done anything w her except feed her and clean her cage.
    I got better and I tried to connect w her. I did what i had done with periwinkle, I slowly introduced myself to her, I talked to her outsude her cage multiple times a day, I set my hand in her cage to let her get familiar, I hand fed her some treats but...nothing worked? Its been a few months and nothing has changed. I try to connect to her and have her be here happiest, but she is just not interested in me. From far away she is happy, she fluffs up and tweets when I sing or play music for her, but the moment I try to have hand on contact w her she kinda freaks out.
    I dont know what to do!! I feel so bad for her because I kind of emotionally neglected her the first month...
    What can I do to have her be happiest and comfortable with me? Or is she just a reserved birdy? Im sorry that I wenr off topic at a loss right now. I feel i have tried everything but she just doesnt want to...
    Any advice is appreciated! Thank you so much!

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    Welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear about your loss of your first budgie. These little creatures have a way of worming their way into our hearts.
    You refer to your bird as "her", is it female?
    Birds can be quite forgiving, so I don't think that anything you didn't do at the beginning of getting her resulted in long lasting effects. It could be her personality or it may be she is just a little more reserved. Use millet as your training tool and see if she will nibble at it if it is being held by you. Take your time and let her get used to your attention. Just sitting by the cage while you sing or play music is a good start.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. It's hard!
    I'll repeat my JoJo story...
    JoJo took longer than expected to come around. I covered him every night at the same time and he still hated it each time. I gave him a new mirror with a bell and he changed quickly.
    My daughter decided to get a pair of budgies then complained that they liked each other more than her.
    Each budgie has it's own personality, needs and timeline. The key to all bird ownership is patience. You may for the first while be the bad guy to your bird. After all, you took her from her clutchmates. Humans have both eyes in front like a predator while birds have eyes on the sides like prey.
    You do both yourself and the new bird a disfavor by seeing your previous bird in her. Maybe it was too soon. I had to wait longer.

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    Glenn, Indian Ringneck; Sherman, White-capped Pionus; JoJo, Budgie; Tommy, Budgie; Sir Lancelot, Yellow-side Greencheek; Daytona, Sun Conure
    Oh yeah, I had to get dish covers for both JoJo's food and water. Also, I had to put balls of millet on his seed before being able to give him treats from my hand.

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