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Thread: Help! I need some expert budgie advice Stat!

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    Help! I need some expert budgie advice Stat!

    I just got my first parakeet I've ever owned (I've never had a pet bird before) in February. It's almost April now and it seems like he's just getting more and more tempermental. He's scared to death of me no matter how many times I've tried to calmy talk to him, try to get him used to my hand, feed him treats. He was quiet at first and now all he does is Squak, Squak, SQUAK! He'll chirp too and I understand that, as that is ordinary but he's always screeching at me and flapping his wings like crazy. He's scared of me, but I've figured out a way to let him out of the cage so he's not always cooped up all the time but now it's just getting to the point that he'll do it outside the cage too. Even when it's dead silent and there's nothing to scare him he'll Squak. He doesn't like to play with his toys I got him and it seems as though he's completely untrainable...I got a bird to have after seeing all the posts and videos of people and KIDS with parakeets on their shoulders talking and singing to them, while it seems like mine absolutely hates me. I just feel like giving up cause all its doing is depressing me and stressing me out...hes getting on my last nerve and I don't know what to there anyone who can help me?!?

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    Welcome to the forum! I wonder if you are trying too hard to train him? If you think about it...he was just removed from his other home. He is now by himself in a cage that he is not used to and living with a human he doesn't know. He may need time to settle in. The internet is a wonderful place to find information. Unfortunately, for every video you find of a cute little budgie there are probably more stories that are not so cute. I think you just need to slow down and lower your expectations. Let him come to you, keep a sprig of millet in your hand or on your shoulder to see if he will venture close. Don't give up, it just may take more time than you think.
    As well, I think budgies are naturally noisy, chatty little things.

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    Welcome to P.P.
    Goodness we understand where your coming from. All that squawking can be hard to deal with but you also have to look at things from his perspective. He's so much smaller than we are, and yes, everything is new to him. Your voice, his cage, the toys. My Lady still doesn't like hands, she would rather step onto my arm then my hand but will allow me to use my fingers to scratch her head when she's in the mood.
    Did he have other birds around him before and now he's alone and feeling uneasy? Do you keep a routine when you wake him up and when he gets his food? What about his rest time, how many hours of sleep is he getting? What is the space like that his cage is in? How many hours a day do you get to spend in the same room as him? Could he be overwhelmed? Can you think back to when he started getting so vocal? So birds don't like change, even the color of your nail polish can upset them. Can you enter the room and he stays quiet? How close can you get before he starts to get noisy?
    My girl gets loud when I come home, she know's I'm going to give her attention and a treat.

    There is so much more to a bird then a dog or cat, oh that's another thing, are there any other animals around? In order to try and figure out what may be the issue there is much more investigation that need to be figured out.

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