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Thread: Please help

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    Please help

    I'm really worried about my sun conure because she is sick. I know what it is because she has had it before and I have the medication from the last time. Dose anyone know if it is okay to give her the medication because it is still good? I love her with everything I have and would take her to the vet if I absolutely have to but I just don't have the money to do it if I can just give her the medication I know she needs. Dose anyone have any advice?

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    If the medication has not passed its use by date then I see no reason why not. A phone call to the vets should tell you if it is a good idea without costing you anything. If a visit is necessary explain that you can't afford it at the moment and they may be able to let you pay a bit each week.
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    Agree with what is suggested but would strongly urge you to explore your options with the vet. If you are seeing signs of illness, your conure is sicker than you realize. Set her up in a "hospital cage". Small cage, low perches, cover half of it to keep temperature even and make sure she is eating and drinking. Get some pedialyte and start her on that. Good luck.

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