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Thread: Chop for a 'tiel

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    A wild-type female cockatiel named Gracie (nn Gacy)

    Chop for a 'tiel

    Does anyone have a chop recipe / proportion they use for their 'tiels? I know there's a recipe for one but I'm not very good at sizing it down so other recipes are welcome! What do you use?

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    You can put practically anything in a chop....the idea is to chop it finely enough for your tiel'. I use kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber or zucchini, bell peppers, grated carrots and broccoli. I make enough for two days and portion out what I need in their bowl. I add chopped frozen strawberries and mango, two heaping spoons of frozen mixed vegetables, frozen blueberries, chopped apple and Kiwi, pomegranates, and sprouts. For some I top it off with an almond. The chopped greens stick to the fruit and that's how I can get more greens in them.

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    I use almost all of the above as well. I use a little more of the almonds for calcium when conditioning.

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    Illiger Macaw (Primolius maracana)
    I only have one bird so I just share whatever salad I'm having minus any onions and dressing. Hard boiled eggs are good but never olives or other unsafe foods that she can not have.
    I have read that some folks make a large batch of whatever safe foods they make and freeze it in ice cube trays, they then store the ice cube size bites in a freezer bag and then take it out the night before so it will be thawed out and ready.

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