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Thread: Caspers an in-patient

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    What a beautiful memory.

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    Casper's 2nd best friend (03-21-2022), plax (06-30-2023)

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    I am so very sorry...

    I was away from the forum through most of 2022 and thus missed this very sad news.

    I am downhearted to learn of Casper's passing. I'm sincerely sorry for your loss, Jean-Pierre and Margaret! Believe me, I well know how hard the loss of a beloved feathered companion can be. I sob each and every day for Zaffer. Everything reminds me of him and I miss him desperately. As if that weren't enough, I'm still grieving my loss of Maynard as well. I adored both of them beyond words and the pain has been overwhelming

    Jean-Pierre, I guess you're not around PP anymore. But in case you ever check in and see this reply, please know that Casper will forever be in my thoughts. He was such a cool little guy
    He wanted to live. He was my Heaven... He's gone!

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