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Thread: My new caique!

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    My new caique!

    Hey! 3 days ago i just got my first black headed caique. The first day he was really scared and carefull, after 2 days he started to eat more and make some noices also het eats out of my hand! He is really doing great, but my question is how do i get it tame the best? And how can i try to let him step up ? What should be my next step? He also tries to step on the rope in her cage but she is a little hit scared of it she is looking at it and licking it haha! Look at the picture shes so cute

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    Welcome to the forum. Your caique is adorable. Three days is not very long for your bird to settle in. You can start by offering it a treat from your hand. Letting it come to you will help build a trusting relationship and that might take a little time.

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    It takes time and patience. No sudden movements that might startle her. And bribe her with treats, food is a great motivator.
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    Hi Izzy,
    Welcome to PP. Your Caique is quite cute. Thanks for sharing her pic. It surely is going to take some time and we know your excited but slow down and just get to know her and watch her body language to see how you think she is feeling. How old is she about, do you have an idea? What are your plans for her? Is she just yours or does everyone in your house want to help you with raising her?

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