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Thread: White squirrel

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    White squirrel

    We have a mother squirrel and her three babies living in our carport. She is grey and she had two white and one grey babies. In the pic, she is sitting on the fence post making sure Her babies are safe from me. There is one white baby and the grey baby in the pic. I love the white ones and was really surprised to see her have two white babies. The squirrels don't usually intermingle between colors.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In the UK there were originally only red squirrels but then someone thought it would be a good idea to have some American grey squirrels in their garden and now we just have grey squirrels apart from on a few remote forestry reserves and on islands like the Isle of Wight.
    The white squirrels look cute.
    I have seen black squirrels in northern Spain.
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    We have black and the odd brown or grey here, but I have never seen a white one.
    They are adorable.

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    I never saw a white squirrel before. Thanks for sharing the pic. How cute!

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