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Thread: Can a small cage make a bird nervous?

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    I don't doubt he will. Just his current cage is smaller than what's recommended and we'll only be using it for travel after his new cage gets here.

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    what all is the bird doing? for the longest time i thought my bird crystal was scared and skiddish to. like she had an anxiety thing. she would pant, shake, and put her wings out like she was hot. but after talking to a local bird store. turns out she was acting out mating behavior. shes "horney" you might say. the shaking and hyperventilating. even things like cage aggression all point to the fact that shes getting rdy to try and have babies.

    Just saying its a possibility. Depending oh how small the cage is, im sure it could cause some anxiety. I think the rule of thumb is the bird should be able to open their wings in the cage, and double their wingspan. for safety reasons. unfortunately, mostly everyone nvr applies thier bird cage to this rule.
    if you have a bird safe home, and your feel confident with ur living spaces, and ur bird. What I do is let them roam free when im home and around to watch them. that way they have all the freedom and exercise they desire. of course due to the possibility of flying out a door or into a glass window, I do trim their wings for safety reasons.
    I lost a bird, yrs ago, because his wings got 2 long, and he flew right into a glass window and broke his leg. I had no idea what to do. Damn vet told me to put him in a box and let him die. That just killed me, so we drove out 2 a cliff, where we could let him fly, and he would die peacfully, and happy!
    Then like 2yrs later I find out broken legs in birds it treatable. i was so ****ing mad!

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