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Thread: Hand Feeding

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    A recently adopted 5-month old Green Cheek Conure.

    Question Hand Feeding

    Hello! Today I adopted a 5-month old Green Cheek Conure from my local SPCA. I've been reading up on lots of training tips, and I'm planning on waiting 3-4 days before I start doing anything. I bought a dog clicker and some chopsticks for Targeting, but I have yet to find a method that shows how to make a parrot eat from your hand, which is essential for positive reinforcement. Do I just move slow and keep trying if she refuses? Or is there something I'm missing? Thank you!


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    Hello and welcome Emily, what a great forum name!
    Getting your bird to eat from your hand shouldn't be too much of a problem if it is motivated by food as much as Casper.
    What you need:
    Tasty treats
    Finger plasters

    A bit of walnut or something as nice, big enough for the bird to grasp easily, held between two fingers so the bird can see what it is. Move your hand closer slowly but not so slowly that the bird gets impatient for it to arrive. If the bird lunges take the treat away telling the bird to be gentle and try again later so that the bird only gets the treat if it takes it gently.
    If the bird decides that your hand is tastier than the treat stay calm and don't move quickly which will panic the bird.

    Casper tries to attack the fingers if he is inside the cage and we are passing stuff through the bars. I'm not sure why this is because he is gentle when not in the cage. It makes topping up his food bowls in situ a bit of a challenge.

    When feeding horses by hand you are supposed to put the treat flat in the palm of your hand so the horse won't bite your fingers. This may also apply to parrots, worth trying.
    "A busy beak is a happy beak" - David Strom

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    Casper's 2nd best friend has given you some good advice. You could start by finding out what his favorite treat is. Pieces of walnut is a good one or a sunflower seed. Try showing your bird the treat, then drop it in a bowl in his cage. Let it eat the treat and try giving it the same treat with your fingers/hand. You may have to do this for a few days. Save that particular treat just for these times.
    When you have some time, feel free to post some pics of your hew buddy.
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    Hi Emily and welcome

    Great advice from Jean-Pierre and Helena.

    Your approach depends a lot on the bird. Age, trust factor, personality will all have a part.

    I find my birds are very nosey and curious. If I am eating something they make it their life's mission to find out what it is. Even if that means trying to get if out of my mouth.
    You could try plain soda crackers and take a nibble and offer some to your bird. I think eventually they may get curious enough to try it.

    Give your little one some time, be patient. She will eventually be taking food from your hand easily.

    Can't wait to hear some updates and see some pics.

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    I think the problem is with the nutrients you provide for this bird. Perhaps you have given an inappropriate dish and that makes it dislike and bite you? Hmm, this is just my guess anyway. I also read through some other ideas and I feel that they are quite similar to me. After all, that bird is lucky to have a good owner like you. Willing to take the time to find and understand your bird better. I would love that, and if you need some information on these dishes. Other nutrients, I think this site will help you a lot.

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    What to Feed Baby Budgies?

    The baby budgie food list is quite simple initially, as it lives on freshwater, millet spray, and some mixed seeds for up to 4 weeks. After the 4th week, it can start eating fruits and vegetables. It loves to eat lettuce, broccoli, parsley, and most of the green leafy veggies.

    Make sure you always avoid sweet dairy products, alcoholic beverages, caffeine products, and chocolates. All of them are hazardous for baby budgies. Here is a great homemade baby budgie food recipe from the omelet website. This recipe has a good amount of nutrition required by the little parakeet. It would energize the mood of the baby pet, following are the:

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